Hot Pepper

green choice t 1. Green Choice F1 - This is a prolific hybrid known for its sweet or non-pungent taste. Its high yielding fruits are long and glossy green.
hot pot 207 t 2. Hot Pot 207 F1 - This high yielding variety produces long, straight, light green fruits, with thicker flesh. Each fruit is about 12 to 15 g weight and about 15 cm long. First harvest can be done 50 days after sowing.
red finger t 3. Red Finger F1 - Taiwan type chili good for fresh and dry market. It matures 75 days after transplanting. Each fruit has 6.5 cm long with a 0.9 cm in diameter. Each fruit weighs 2.5 grams.
red fly t 4. Red Fly F1 - This hybrid is suitable in both fresh and dry market. It has upright fruit setting and is very productive. Its red fruits are slender.
hot pepper hot express 5. Hot Express - This is a semi-spreading type producing 100 fruits or more. Its fruits are medium green, moderately pungent, and have slightly wrinkling flesh. Each fruit is about 12 cm long.
hot pepper taiwan express 6. Taiwan Express - This is a variety with semi-spreading and multiple branching plants. The plants have high tolerance to heat and humidity. The red fruits are uniform, pointed and very pungent. Each fruits measures about 4 cm in length and 1 cm in width. They are good for fresh market and chili seasoning.


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