champion 1. Champion F1 - This prolific variety has an upright growth habit and early fruit setting. It is harvestable at 65 – 68 days after transplanting and long shelf life. The fruit is cylindrical and purple with green calyx.
checkmate t 2. Checkmate F1 - A very prolific hybrid producing 33 to 42 fruits per plant. Its fruits are about 24 cm long with glossy dark purple color. It has long shelf life.
aurora round green 3. Aurora Round Green - This variety has a spreading growth habit and harvestable at 90 to 100 days after sowing. Its fruits are oval, green with white stripes near the blossom end and has green calyx.
bulilit 4. Bulilit - This variety is highly branching and grows vigorously. It is harvestable at 85 – 100 days after sowing. It has purple fruit and calyx which is thin and cylindrical in shape.
ryzza mae 5. Ryzza Mae - This is a round type eggplant with purplish green fruits and purplish calyx weighing 40 – 50 grams. This variety is highly vigorous and highly branching.
sarangani t 6. Sarangani Long Purple - This variety has an upright growth habit. It produces firm and glossy purple fruits with green calyx. It has good shipping quality.


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