Snap Beans

black kentacky, black wonder, kentucky wonder t 1. Black Kentucky - This pole type, black-seeded variety bears averagely 18 cm long , semi-round, green pod and is harvestable in 60 days after sowing. It grows well in highland condition and is moderately resistant to Bean Rust.
black kentacky, black wonder, kentucky wonder t 2. Black Wonder - This easy to grow pole type bean is black seeded. Semi-round pods are dark green and about 13-15 cm in length. It can be harvested in 66 to 70 days after sowing. It has good Resistance to Rust.
3. Gemmy - This is a golden brown seeded, pole type variety which is more prolific during cool months. The semi-flat green pods mature in 45 days after sowing. Each pod measures about 13 to 15 cm long.
black kentacky, black wonder, kentucky wonder t 4. Kentucky Wonder - This pole type, khaki brown-seeded variety is adapted to all elevations during cool, dry season and matures in 66 days after sowing. Its round, 13 to 15 cm long, medium green pods have distinctive flavor. It is highly tolerant to Bean Rust.
5. Mayabong - An all season, pole type variety adapted to lowland and highland conditions. It matures in 45 to 50 days after sowing. The pods are round, green and about 13 to 15 cm long. It has long shelf life.


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