natsugozen t 1. Natsugozen F1 - This has an upright plant habit and deep green leaf. It is adapted for summer sowing, and performs well under June to August sowing in highland. It matures 35 to 45 days after sowing and has tolerance to heat and Club Root.
baby pakchoy t 2. Baby Pakchoy - A drawf type pakchoy of about 15 cm tall with thick white petiole, dark green slightly blistered leaves. Very tender and succulent, good for stir fry and soup.
black behi t 3. Black Behi - An all season variety adapted to both lowland and highland. It can be harvested in 25 to 39 days after sowing. The petioles are long, succulent and white. The leaves are round and dark green.
green pakchoy t 4. Green Pakchoy - This vigorous and upright variety matures in about 30 days after sowing. The leaves are dull green with dull light green petiole.
tsoi sum 45 days t 5. Tsoi Sum (45 Days) - Extra early variety, bolts very early. Light green leaves. Can be planted all year round.


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